Splashtop Approaches 5x Growth in Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Sectors

Wednesday, July 10, 2024 at 3:00pm UTC

CUPERTINO, Calif., July 10, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Splashtop, a leader in secure remote access and IT support solutions, today announced a milestone achievement of 492% growth within the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors year-over-year. Growth is driven by the expanded adoption of Splashtop where rapidly evolving digital lab environments and ongoing cybersecurity threats necessitate a seamless, secure, and comprehensive solution for remote access and support.

"Pharmaceutical developers and medical professionals are focused on improving patient health and advancing research. IT teams play a critical role in safeguarding patient data and research integrity," said Mark Lee, Splashtop co-founder and CEO. "Our ability to meet the high-stakes demands of their environments has supported our growth in this space."

With the explosive move to digital labs for drug development, decentralized clinical trials, and multi-campus collaboration, seamless access for authorized users is essential. Splashtop enables reliable and flexible access to specialized software and equipment for physicians, technicians, and researchers working remotely. For hospitals, Splashtop provides physicians with high-resolution remote access to patient records, images, and files within Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems, saving time and improving patient care.

Splashtop provides IT with easy scalability and deployment across large, distributed environments, supporting over 200,000 devices. IT teams can balance secure management with convenient access, providing on-demand support and simplifying endpoint management, ensuring continuous, uninterrupted access to data for researchers and medical professionals.

Key Benefits for Healthcare Sectors

  • Reliability and Performance: Real-time access to lab devices and data, with high refresh rates and video accuracy critical for tasks like image analysis that need precision.
  • Ease of Use: Intuitive interface ensuring quick adoption by end users while its backend workflows for IT streamline support of users and endpoints. Multiple users can access and collaborate on the same system, optimizing resources.
  • Security & Compliance: Compliance with global data protection standards including ISO 21007, GDPR and SOC 2, with support for client-side regulations including HIPAA and PCI. Product features protect sensitive data through single sign-on (SSO), granular access controls, and end-to-end encryption.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Splashtop’s solutions are comprehensive and cost-effective, substantially cutting relative costs.

"Collaboration with our customers is at the heart of our growth strategy," said Lee. "We work hand-in-hand to understand their evolving needs in this dynamic space and aim to be trusted partners in their journey."

Customer quotes:

  • “We needed a secure, scalable global solution for remote access to lab instrument computers for our scientists. The Splashtop product and team are exceptional. Absolutely thrilled with our selection." – IT Manager, Solutions Expert, Healthcare and Biotech ($30B + USD)
  • “We need a remote software tool that allows for granular user/group permission management without the bulk of a traditional RMM's admin option. Splashtop fits great as it is simple for end users to learn and apply in their daily tasks and is very easy for us to administer and deploy. Splashtop works great and their support is always top tier.” – System Administor, Healthcare and Biotech ($500M - 1B USD)
  • "Splashtop has the best customer service experience, hands down, and the best product for our needs. They have gone above and beyond to resolve every issue. They have created or fixed any problem without hesitation. Truly an exceptional group of people we have gotten to work with. Loved being able to give them new ideas and watch them bring them to life." – IT Lead, Healthcare and Biotech ($500M - 1B USD)
  • "Great product and team behind it. Representatives are there for my team through every transition and need. I can always go to my ST team with things that have become an obvious burden on my team and they are there to help find a solution.” – VP, IT Services, Healthcare and Biotech ($1B – 3B USD)

For more information on Splashtop’s award-winning remote access and support solutions, or to start a free trial, please visit Splashtop.com.

About Splashtop

Splashtop is a leader in solutions that simplify the work-anywhere world. Its solutions for hybrid work and IT / MSP remote support deliver an experience that is fast, simple and secure. Splashtop’s patented, high performance technology is capable of achieving 4K HD quality, multi-monitor support, and 60fps with ultra-low latency. Splashtop comes with advanced security features, broad device support, and responsive customer service. More than 30 million users, 250k businesses, including those in 85% of Fortune 500 enterprises, enjoy Splashtop products globally. Splashtop.com

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