New Platform Emphasizes the Importance of Entrepreneurs’ Mental Health

Monday, September 18, 2023 at 7:10pm UTC

Dallas, TX, Sept. 18, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Charlie Lass has announced the October beta launch of a platform called Humble Inc., giving entrepreneurs a host of resources to help launch their own businesses. Developed with a focus on entrepreneurial mental health, it gives founders opportunities to watch, hear, read about, and learn from fellow entrepreneurs, granting access to vital tools of the trade.

Charlie Lass, founder, and CEO of Humble Inc.

Lass says Humble is democratizing the startup space by making itself accessible to anyone, anywhere, at any time. Available in eight languages, it seeks to expand entrepreneurial resources to those who have not had access to them historically. “We are making entrepreneurship easily accessible to anyone anywhere in the world,” Lass says. “Instead of scrolling through toxic media, founders now have access to an all in one platform. It’s everything a startup needs, and nothing else.”

While Humble is not specifically a mental health resource, it prioritizes mental health in its language, approach, and content. “There’s something unique about the content we use,” Lass explains. “It’s not made by us. It’s made by experienced entrepreneurs from around the world, who have the chance to monetize their knowledge.” With 1,500 creators already on the platform at the time of its private beta launch, he says his team is reviewing and moderating all content manually to ensure accuracy and tone.

“There’s an emphasis on creators making sure it’s fantastic,” he adds. “It’s useful media, not social. It’s creative and not toxic. Google is overwhelming, YouTube is distracting, LinkedIn sells to you, (on) TikTok you get lied to. On Humble, you get the right answers, from people who have been through it, without trolling and abuse. Being an entrepreneur is hard; Humble is here to make it easier.”

Humble’s resource center provides easy access to market testing, customer retention, funnel hacks, pitch decks, and more. It hosts an array of videos and podcasts through which entrepreneurs can learn from the earned experience of successful founders.

“Poor mental health in entrepreneurs is compounded by the stress of conflicting information and difficulty in sourcing the right tools,” Lass says. “We have scoured the net to find the best resources, content, and contributors so you don’t have to.”

About Charlie Lass:

Charlie Lass is a tech entrepreneur, MIT alum, lecturer, and author. He has multiple exits in the UK and US and is founder and CEO of Humble Inc. and Dallas Inc.

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